Neck Pain

Back pain relief is the main reason patients seek chiropractors. Neck pain relief is number two, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important to resolve. If anything, it’s MORE important!

Manual chiropractic neck adjustment middletown ri The vertebrae (bones) in your neck are inches away from your brain. All the information to control your body’s organs passes through these “cervical vertebrae.” If any vertebrae in your neck are “subluxated” or “stuck” from arthritis, sleeping poorly, an auto accident, or any other cause, then some of that crucial information is not getting through.

In non-chiropractic terms: if you live on Aquidneck Island, you are familiar with the nature of the bridges. When there is an auto accident on the Newport Bridge, it does not matter how clear the roads are in Middletown, your car is not getting on island. Similarly, if you have a pinched nerve in your neck, the rest of your body is absolutely not getting what it needs.

And, neck pain hurts! It makes it hard to sleep, to work, and to drive a car safely. When patients arrive at my chiropractic office seeking neck pain relief, I start by testing their cervical (neck) range of motion. (Limited neck range of motion makes it very dangerous to drive an automobile, so stop and call us!) We record your neck pain level. I also perform other tests explained here on our “New Chiropractic Patient Evaluation.” We then get your neck vertebrae moving again to make it all work better.

After ten chiropractic visits, I re-examine each patient’s cervical range of motion and neck pain level. It is almost always significantly improved. Meanwhile, as the nerves in your neck are functioning properly, the rest of your body has a better shot of healing itself from other ailments. (Check out my chiropractic story of how chiropractic adjustments dramatically relieved my seasonal allergy symptoms!)

Below are some patient reviews talking about how our chiropractic treatment has dramatically worked on neck pain. Please read, then request an appointment today!

- Google Review, Customer since 2003

Dr Gibson solved serious neck problems for me 10 years ago, and he continues to keep all of my spine in good shape so I can stay active to pursue athletic interests and continue to be a weekend warrior! The office staff are pleasant and accommodating, leading to a relaxing office atmosphere :) I agree Dr Gibson is very professional and a super nice guy!

- Customer since 2007

I always feel comfortable here, and feel better once leaving! Dr. Gibson explains what is happening in my neck and back in a way I can understand, so I know why it's hurting, and even suggests exercises to strengthen and reduce potential for further injury.

Our Middletown chiropractic office is located at 170 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI 02842, right on the Newport, RI line.

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